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Tracy Carter: Producer. Musician. Artist. Singer Songwriter. 

Mr. Tracy Carter is a gifted and talented producer, songwriter keyboardist, Music Director, vocalist, percussionist.

         Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Tracy began playing the piano at the age of nine. With a combination of hands-on experience, formal education and mentoring, Tracy developed his talent, skills, and passion into a brand and musical style that is unique and captivating. With influences such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and much more, Tracy has inspirations and aspirations to musically achieve and excel on various levels of the industry.  In 1996, Tracy relocated to Los Angeles, CA to begin a career as a professional musician and recording artist. He was the head musician / MD at Faith Central Bible Church for 22 years. Tracy has toured as a Music Director, keyboardist and/or vocalist for the following; Chaka Khan, Gerald Albright, Dave Koz, Euge Groove, just to name a few.   

In addition to performing and touring Tracy has recorded on multiple CD projects for Grammy-nominated artists. He also wrote and co-produced the songs “Better Day,” “The Time is Here,” and “Sunday’s Best” on two of the late Wayman Tisdale’s CDs.  After producing successful projects for multiple musicians of various genres, Tracy began to focus his energy on completing a product of his own. Tray continued to develop a signature style that produces a crisp and unique sound with a seasoned blend of musical flavor that creates a solid fan base to listeners and other musicians. His musical creations are extremely captivating and sought by many of the industry greats.   

Tracy released his debut smooth jazz CD titled “Dimensions of a Musician” in 2008. This CD showcased his multilevel facets as a songwriter, musician, lyricist, vocalist, producer, and entrepreneur. The CD garnered rave reviews and was both critically and commercially successful. The Dimensions CD features Wayman Tisdale, Gerald Albright, Donald Hayes, Melvin Lee Davis, And Andre Delano/Tracy’s has also released a Christian project called, "My Confidence" with a blend of jazz and soulful gospel that relays meaningful messages that relating to current circumstances. Both CD’s were written and produced by Tracy and released on his own record label, Eternal Sound Music Group (ESMG), LLC, that he created in 2008.

While Tracy continues to perform and tour for himself and with others, he is creating a buzz within the industry across all platforms that have him sought after by many. In short, Tracy has established a powerful name and brand through his integrity,  dependability, durability, performance, style, and of course, quality of music. 

Once you have been captivated with his performance, you are sure to be amazed by the multiple levels of elevation that he exudes through his powerful collection of music and talent. 

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