#Rodena Preston #Gospel Legend

September 29, 2017

Gospel Music has always played a very important part in my life.  My Parents were the pillars to start me on my musical journey. Both of my parents were musicians. They were gifted in there own right. They always new the top musician singers, and choirs who were making an impact in the Gospel music. My mother used to visit Billy Preston in the studio when he was recording his organ records years ago, She'd tell me stories how great he was and how he could make a hammond  B3 organ talk. Later in my life I got the chance to meet him, and was amazed. I later found out he had a sister who was just as talented and gifted. Rodena Preston. As a kid my parents would play her records over and over and I never knew who I was listening to or how they both would have an impact on my life.  RODENA PRESTON & THE VOICES OF DELIVERANCE.

If we ever pass this was way again. was one of my favorite songs. Today Sept. 29 2017 was her home going service. I went to the memorial service Thur. 28 2017 and was happy and sad at the same time. I got a chance to meet her and talk to her little bit about music and song writing. She was a inspiring and classy lady who loved God. Rodena Preston Knew who she was in Christ, and served Gods people for years. May you rest in peace Woman of God. You have touched many lives. May your past work continue to inspire and motivate others to do a great work for the Kingdom Of God.

(My final commit). Life and death comes at weird times in our lives, but make no mistake God is in control. Lately I find myself looking at my dreams in the men and women who have inspired me, and when God takes them home I feel a little lost and sad. Then I begin to realize that I have work to do. We are mere vessels walking the earth looking for our purpose to be fulfilled. One thing we must know and learn. God wants to get glory out of our lives it takes being committed, and being honest with yourself to know who you are. Be truthful to yourself first and