Sharing My Heart

October 24, 2017

Tough times have a definitions of questions. What are you going to do when life gets rough? Will you give in and let obstacles overtake you? Would you allow constants threats to keep you down? Would you let even your so called friends dictate your life? Would you even allow them to have there foot on your neck to hold you down from your career or choices? I can keep going. It’s amazing when you discover who you are. The picture is much clearer. Let God validate you. Let the actions you give and do have more value and volume. Negativity can either break you or make you better. If you find yourself in toxic relationships my advice to you is run, and run fast and don’t look back. There's so much more in you then you know. You have secret pearls and gems hidden inside of you, sitting up your spirit and your soul. I suggest you find them. and release them. God doesn’t make things that waist time. It’s what we do to each other, and how much we control each other that hurts us. I just wanted to share a piece of my heart. today. God bless you 🙏🏽.