November 29, 2017


Purpose is usually given when a set of circumstances arise and challenges are presented.
God in his own way sets a table for a few events to take place. As you may know.
A table can be set for numerous things.
A place to eat
A place to meet and greet
A place for talking and communicating
A place for doing finances and working out bills and payment on what you owe
You get my point.

A table can also be set for strategy purpose.

A game of chess or checkers or preferably what ever game your human mind  reasons with.
I myself would choose chess
I believe chess is one of those classic games that never gets old.
There is a series of men on the table that don't move the same as everyone else does and everyone can't move at the same time.
See it takes skill to play chess and concentration.  One false move can ruin the game.

Focus on skill