Me & My Piano

The piano is a unique instrument. The musician is able to tell his or her story of life in anyway possible. The piano in my opinion touches every part of your life. You can feel the highs and lows of life, If it's played right. I for one have story of my own. I set out to do a project that would speak to me and share with others, my walk of life. I put an 24 min piano composition together that will be released some time in July 2019 .1 of the 5 projects I've been working on. This project was made to tell stories. I hope you enjoy it. See my life and yours as you listen. You'll see happiness, Joy, tears, and hurt. Most of all you'll hear worship to my God who I give all praises to.

The Title of this Project is: Me & My Piano. I hope you enjoy it.

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